In this masterclass, creative operations expert, David Iscove, discusses segmenting hi-res and low-res workflows to accelerate review and approval, post production processes, and asset delivery. 

David Iscove: LinkedIn Profile
David is a seasoned professional with 10+ years experience as a digital archivist, workflow solutions architect and asset manager at companies such as Activision Blizzard, EMI, and Universal Music Group.

In addition, he has been a featured speaker and moderator at industry events, including the Henry Stewart Creative Operations Conference and the IEN Creative Operations Exchange. 

Upcoming Masterclasses

Session Two

Leveraging metadata to enable 'smart assets' through multiple platforms in the creative production process.

Session Three

Building a best-in-breed creative production tech stack: Understanding the nuance differences between systems.

Session Four

The metadata holy grail: Designing a metadata schema for immediate communication and long-term access.